Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos, Previously Owned  $4,950 to $41,500

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Samick Grand Piano, Model SG-140C, 1993
$4,950.00    4′ 9″   Polished Ebony

Samick Grand Piano


Ritmuller Grand Piano, Model GP142-R1, 2002
$5,450.00   4′ 7″   Polished Walnut

Grand Piano


Samick Grand Piano, Model SG155, 1992
$5,850.00   5′ 1″   Polished Ebony

Samick Grand


Young Chang Grand Piano, Model G157, 2007
$6,950.00   5′ 2″   Polished Ivory

Young Chang


Altenberg Grand Piano built by Samick, Model OA501, 1993
$7,500.00   5′ 0″   Polished Ebony   Includes PianoDisc player system with discs.

Altenberg Piano


Kawai Grand Piano, Model GM10, 2001
$7,650.00   5′ 0″   Polished Ebony

Kawai Grand Piano


Kawai Grand Piano, Model GM-10K, 2007
$7,990.00   5′ 0″   Polished Ebony


Kawai Grand Piano, Model GE1, 1987
$7,990.00   5′ 0″   Polished Ebony


Pramberger Grand Player Piano, Model PS175, 2008
$8,950.00   5′ 9″   Polished Ebony

pramberger grand


Suzuki Grand Player Piano, Model F62, 2004
$9,990.00   6′ 2″   Polished Ebony


Kawai Grand Piano, Model GE30, 2003
$11,900.00   5′ 5″   Polished Ebony

H piano


Knabe Restored Grand Piano, 1925
$12,900.00   5′ 7″   Mahogany

Knabe Grand


Baldwin Grand Piano, Model L, 1970
$12,990.00   6′ 3″   Ebony



Kawai Grand Piano, Model RX1, 1999
$13,600.00   5′ 5″   Ebony



Kawai Grand Piano, Model RX1, 2001
$13,900.00   5′ 5″   Polished Ebony

H piano


C. Bechstein Grand Piano, Model 189 A, 1999
$39,500.00   6′ 2″   Polished Ebony

grand piano


Ten-year warranty/trade up policy: Enjoy a piano for up to ten years and then, if you wish, trade up to any piano in our inventory costing at least twice what you paid for this one. You’ll receive a credit in the trade equal to 100% of your original purchase price.

Please contact us if you wish to own a brand new piano by one of these respected manufacturers, and we will make all the arrangements for an effortless purchase.

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We also have over 100 Steinway Pianos in stock, including many rebuilds just waiting for your order to complete.