Domestic & Imported Pianos

Domestic Pianos

Perhaps now is the time to get the piano of your dreams.  Feel free to contact us about available models.

Steinway Pianos

Steinway uses a lower overall string tension than other piano brands because it provides a warmer tone, which is better suited to classical music than high-tensioned pianos.  Other hallmarks of lower string tension are longer sustain, lighter attack, and a mellow sound.  From the Steinway & Sons website: “In comparison to other pianos, Steinway has lower string tension.  This reduced string tension, along with a tapered soundboard, creates longer sustain, and a more singing quality in the tone (as well as longer piano life).  A low-tension string scale design gives a fuller tone by allowing more of the lower partials to sing.  It also has more sustain, is more powerful, has more dynamic range, and provides warmer and mellower tones.”

Many Steinway pianos are currently available.  Please feel free to inquire about our current inventory of previously owned Steinway pianos.


Baldwin Pianos

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin was a piano, violin, and organ teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1862 he opened a branch of the Decker Brothers piano dealership in the area.  They were authorized dealers of Steinway & Sons pianos.  When a relative of Henry Steinway opened a piano store in Cincinnati, Steinways were no longer available for Mr. Baldwin to sell.  So he embarked upon becoming a piano manufacturer.  After hiring Lucien Wulsin in 1866, the two formed the D.H. Baldwin company in 1873.  By the 1890’s The Baldwin Piano Company had become the largest piano dealer in the Midwestern United States.

Dwight Baldwin started building pianos in 1891 with the goal to produce “the best piano that could be built”, because most pianos of the day were of inferior quality.  During World War 2, Baldwin constructed plywood aircraft wings.  They designed a 21-ply maple wing, which they transformed into their famous pinblock design used in postwar piano models.  Other companies, unaware of this advance because Baldwin hid it under glued-on felt, continued using 5 and 6-ply piano pinblocks for decades.  The company continued to improve their pianos by acquiring the C. Bechstein company in 1963, to incorporate their construction techniques as well as their Renner action.  In October 1986, Baldwin bought the Pratt-Read piano action company so that they could use one of the world’s best piano action designs in their pianos.  The Pratt-Read piano action, originally manufactured in Ivoryton, CT, was incorporated in hundreds of different piano brands.  In 1988, Baldwin purchased the Wurlitzer Company, which excelled in piano design.  These patented designs were also incorporated into Baldwin pianos.

Please contact us for the current availability of any previously owned Baldwin pianos.

A two-year warranty is offered on previously owned pianos.  A ten-year trade-up warranty is offered on all pianos.


Imported Pianos

Steinway Pianos Manufactured in Asia

In addition to the Steinway & Sons brand, Steinway markets two other brands: Essex for the entry-level market, and Boston for the mid-level market.  Essex and Boston pianos are made using lower-cost components and labor.  They feature lower overall string tension, a hallmark of Steinway pianos.  This brings a warmer tone, longer sustain, and a lighter attack.  Pianos of these two brands, made with Steinway designs, are manufactured in Asia by independent suppliers.

Essex: This model is made for the entry-range market and is lower priced than Steinway and Boston pianos.  Since 2005, Essex pianos have been made at the Pearl River piano factory in Guangzhou, China.  Prior to 2005, they were made by Young Chang in Korea.  There are two sizes of Essex grand pianos and four sizes of Essex upright pianos available in a wide variety of finishes and furniture designs.  Essex pianos incorporate these features of Steinway pianos: lower string tension, a wider tail design, an all-wood action with Steinway geometry with rosette-shaped hammer flanges, and reinforced hammers with metal fasteners.  The scale design is by Steinway.

Boston: This model is made for the general mid-ranged piano market at lower prices than Steinway’s name brand.  Boston pianos are manufactured by Kawai in Hamamatsu, Japan, and Karawang, Indonesia.  There are five sizes of Boston grand pianos and three sizes of Boston upright pianos available in a variety of finishes.  Boston pianos incorporate some features of Steinway pianos, such as lower string tension, a wider tail design (a feature of the Steinway piano models A-188, B-211, C-227, and D-274), resulting in a larger soundboard area than conventionally shaped pianos of comparable sizes.  They also include a maple inner rim, Steinway’s Octagrip pinblock, and the scale design is by Steinway.

Please contact us for the current availability of any previously owned Essex or Boston pianos.


Bechstein and Hoffman Pianos

C. Bechstein pianos are constructed with very high levels of quality and precision in Seifhennersdorf, Germany.  The touch of a Bechstein is light and very responsive.  Their instruments require little effort to produce a great tone.

The W. Hoffmann brand was founded in Berlin in 1904 by Wilhelmine Sophia Friederike Hoffmann.
Their upright and grand pianos are now made in the Czech Republic town of Hradec Králové by the foremost European piano manufacturer, C. Bechstein.

We recommend the Bechstein/W. Hoffman Professional Series for their striking silver and chrome interior with a polished ebony finish. They are manufactured in grand and upright models.

Please contact us for the current availability of any new or previously owned Bechstein or Hoffman pianos.

Bosendorfer Pianos

Bosendorfer pianos have significantly higher string tensions and use harder hammers as well, which which makes notes have greater clarity.  They are clean and bright with pure tones.  Bosendorfer is the only piano made with a spruce rim, going against the conventional wisdom that a piano rim must be made of hard, dense woods such as maple or beech.

Please contact us for the current availability of any new or previously owned Bosendorfer pianos. 


Yamaha Pianos


The B Series are Yamaha’s most affordable Pianos, starting (on discount) from $4,995.00 brand new. (Plus delivery and tax)

All new pianos come with:

Matching Yamaha padded bench w/storage
Complimentary tuning in home after delivery
10 Year Yamaha Parts & Labor Warranty
10 Year Full Trade-in Guarantee

Yamaha upright pianos often feature a silent pedal, which makes them the favorite of music schools everywhere.  Yamaha pianos have beautiful cases that fit the décor of any home.

Yamaha pianos are in great demand, so the availability of used instruments constantly changes.  It’s easy to order a new Yamaha piano.  Please contact us for up-to-date information on used and new Yamahas. 


Kawai Pianos

Kawai brand pianos can take a lot of punishment because their pianos have a very strong build quality.  Koichi Kawai formed his piano company in 1927 to build the world’s finest piano with a focused pursuit of excellence.  They are recommended by piano technicians because they consistently have very high quality parts and construction.

Please contact us for the current availability of any previously owned Kawai pianos.

A two-year warranty is offered on previously owned pianos.  A ten-year trade-up warranty is offered on all pianos.





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