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How do I find out how old my piano is?

This online piano age calculator can determine the age of many piano brands.

Piano Age Calculator:

Free or low-cost pianos:

Here are websites where you can safely search for free or low-cost pianos.

Player Pianos:

Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List are also sources of low-cost or free pianos.

Do you have a digital piano?

This article explains why you might prefer to play an acoustic piano.

Why Upgrade from a Digital Piano?

Current List Prices of New Pianos:

This website provides the current list prices of new pianos and a huge amount of up-to-date piano information.

Glen Barkman’s free online piano guide:

This article explains in depth the seven reasons why upgrading your piano can provide a better playing experience.

Why Upgrade to a Professional Level Piano?

Piano Education

This site provides free online music education tools and resources.

The Stars & Catz Free Suite of Music Tools and Resources:

For piano lessons, we recommend these esteemed organizations:

Eugene’s Music Studio for music lessons, in-home, in-studio, and online.  Visit them at

Forbes Music Company provides private, in-home music lessons on your schedule.  Visit them at

Piano Purchase

If you are considering purchasing a piano, old or new, we are happy to assist with evaluation and guidance.

Please contact us with your details here:

Complete evaluation information is at this link: