Mini-Sander Piano Tools

New Mini-Sander Sanding Sticks

Sanding Sticks – Mini-Sander Variety Six-Pack, Grits 40-220                                                                       Mini-Sander Single Grit Six-Pack: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, or 220


$8.98 per 6-pack, variety or single grit.  Purchase at the Etsy secure website:  Etsy Shop

New Mini-Sander sanding sticks are designed to sand where no one has sanded before.

Sandpaper is attached to thin birch wood handles, and they measure 6” long x ⅝” wide x ⅛” deep.

I repair pianos, and I really needed a tool to fit between close piano hammers and file down the felt surfaces that were catching on each other.

I designed and built this tool because there was nothing like it available anywhere.

I discovered that it’s uses are limitless in all tight-fitting spaces and hard-to-reach surfaces: DIY, hobbies, woodworking, automotive, model-making, you name it.

You can use it on anything you would use sandpaper on, and a clean paintbrush will clear the surface if it fills up.

A variety 6-pack contains six mini hand sanders of coarse to fine grits: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 220: $9.98 per 6-pack.

6-packs of a single grit are available for the same price:  $8.98 per 6-pack.

Free shipping within the continental US.

Mini-Sanders are hand-crafted in the USA from natural birch wood by Piano Island Tuning, CT.

These Mini-Sanders have serious grit.

$8.98 per 6-pack, variety or single grit.

Purchase here at the Etsy secure website:

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