Piano Teachers

Connecticut Piano Teachers & Piano Lessons

We highly recommend these professional piano teachers, and we’re sure that everyone will enjoy piano lessons with them.  All ages are welcome.


Thomas Allen in New Haven:   (505) 917-1722     www.thomasallenmusic.com

Elina Christova in Norwalk:   (646) 418-4661     elinachristova@gmail.com

Eugene’s Music & Learning Studio in Port Chester, NY:  (914) 259-8389    frontdesk@eugenesmls.com

Forbes Music Company in Southern Connecticut & Online:  www.forbesmusic.com

Barbara Glenister in North Windham:   (860) 423-3924     bgpianostudio@gmail.com

Laini Marenick in Seymour:   (203) 843-5418     info@lainimarenick.com

Mercy O’Bourke in Hamden/New Haven:   (203) 887-3468     mobourke@live.com

Judy Pancoast in West Haven:   (603) 716-3646     judy@judypancoast.com

Vanessa Pentz in Clinton:   (203) 645-7777     clintonacademyofmusic@gmail.com

Katerina Sive in Woodbridge:   (203) 988-7503     katerina@pianoandvoicelessons.org

Houry Schmeizl in Simsbury:   (860) 302-1021     hourys7564@comcast.net

Mandy Sullivan in Milford:   (860) 367-3353     mandysmusiclessons@gmail.com

Jason Thomas in Milford:   (203) 687-9244     jthomas@klcc.us

Jerrica Watrous in Mystic:   (860) 501-0042     themusicstudioinc@gmail.com


We offer piano tuning lessons at the rate of $60/hour.  If you like a challenge, learn how to tune your own piano!