Kawai & Yamaha Pianos

Kawai Pianos, Previously Owned

These pianos carry a best-in-class Warranty and Trade-up Policy. Enjoy the piano for up to ten years and then, if you wish, trade up to any piano in our inventory costing at least twice what you paid for this one. You’ll receive a credit in the trade equal to 100% of your original purchase price. You can look forward to total integrity and 5-star satisfaction with your buying experience. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in acquiring any of the pianos pictured below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We have a wide selection of Steinway pianos, as well as brand new instruments by Hoffman, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, and Yamaha.


Kawai Upright Piano, 35″, Model CE220, 1971, $1,990.00

Kawai Digital Piano



Kawai Upright Piano, 44″, Model CE8, 1983, $3,650.00



Kawai Piano, 37″, Model CP179, $3,995.00

kawai digital



Kawai Piano, 44.5″, Model 506, 2011, $4,490.00


kawai 506



Kawai Piano, 46″, Model UST8, 2002, $4,650.00

Kawai Upright


Kawai Piano, 48″, Model CX-21D, 1992, $4,850.00

Kawai White Upright


Kawai Piano, 49”, Model NS-20A, 1997,  $5,990.00

H piano


Kawai Piano, 5’ 1”, Model GE1, 1995, $7,990.00



Kawai Piano, 5’ 0”, Model GM-12, 2007, $9,550.00

K. Kawai Grand


Kawai Piano, 5’ 5”, Model RX1, 1999, $13,600.00




Kawai Piano, 5’ 10”, Model RX2, 2002, $15,200.00

Kawai Grand


Please feel free to inquire if we have received more Kawai pianos into stock.


Yamaha Pianos, Previously Owned


Yamaha Piano, 42”, Model LU11, 1987, $3,390.00

yamaha upright


Yamaha Piano, Model M1B, 1987

yamaha upright



Yamaha Piano, Model U1, 1966

Yamaha Upright



Yamaha Piano, Model B1, 2012

yamaha upright



Yamaha Piano, Model T121, 2002

yamaha upright



Yamaha Piano, Model U1, 1999

yamaha upright



Yamaha Grand Piano, 5’3″, Model C1, 1995, $13,950.00




Yamaha Concert Grand Piano, 9′, Model CFIIIS, 2008, $64,000.00

yamaha grand piano

yamaha grand piano

We currently have more than 25 Yamaha pianos in stock. Please feel free to inquire about which might fit your needs.


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