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Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List are other options for used pianos.


Piano Age Information:  http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/pianoage.html


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Glen Barkman’s free online piano guide:  www.pianopricepoint.com


Player Pianos:  http://www.mmdigest.com/Home


Why Upgrade from a Digital Piano?  https://pianopricepoint.com/why-upgrade-from-a-digital-piano/


Why Upgrade to a Professional Level Piano?  http://pianopricepoint.com/why-upgrade-to-a-professional-level-piano/


Yamaha Piano Information Links:

The Yamaha Piano Serial Number Search page will tell you if your Yamaha piano was designed and built for the United States market. Yamaha “gray market” pianos are designed for the moister climates of Europe and Asia. 



Here is why you want to know, from Yamaha:



Finding the Age and Manufacturing Location of Your Yamaha Piano:



Yamaha Pianos produced for the U.S. market have been manufactured in 6 locations:

Hamamatsu, Japan
Thomaston, Georgia
South Haven, Michigan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hangzhou, China
Taoyuan, Taiwan
As a result, there are six different serial number ranges for Yamaha pianos.

If the serial number begins with a “T”, the piano was manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia.

If the serial number begins with a “U”, the piano was manufactured in South Haven, Michigan.

If the serial number begins with an “H”, the piano was manufactured in Hangzhou, China.

If the serial number begins with “YT”, the piano was manufactured in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

If the serial number begins with “J”, the piano was manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If your grand piano is a GH1G, GH1FP, GC1G, or GC1FP, your piano was manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia.

If your grand piano is a GA1E, DGA1E, GB1, DGB1, GB1K, or DGB1K, your piano was manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If your grand piano is any other model, it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan.


Links to Piano Manufacturers:

Mason & Hamlin Piano Co:    https://masonhamlin.com/

Charles A. Walter Pianos:   https://www.walterpiano.com/index.php

Steinway Pianos:   https://www.steinway.com/

Baldwin Pianos:   http://www.baldwinpiano.com/

Essex Pianos:   https://www.essexpianos.com/pianos/essex

Boston Pianos:   https://www.bostonpianos.com/pianos/boston

Bechstein and Hoffman Pianos:   https://www.bechstein.com/en/upright-grand-pianos/

Bosendorfer Pianos:   https://www.boesendorfer.com/en

Yamaha Pianos:   https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/pianos/index.html

Kawai Pianos:   https://kawaius.com/

Petrof Pianos:   https://www.petrof.com/ 


The Major Piano Brands

This is a list of the largest piano manufacturers in the world. Each has a different method of piano making, and so each brand offers a unique musical tone and playing experience. Together, they manufacture thousands of pianos annually.

  • Albert Weber
  • August Förster
  • Baldwin
  • Bechstein
  • Bluthner
  • Bosendorfer
  • Boston
  • Brodmann
  • C. Bechstein
  • Cavendish
  • Cristofori
  • Eduard Seiler
  • Essex
  • Estonia
  • Fazioli
  • G. Steinberg
  • Grotrian
  • Haessler
  • Hailun
  • Hallet-Davis
  • Irmler
  • Johannes-Seiler
  • Kawai
  • Kayserburg
  • Kingsburg
  • Knabe
  • Mason & Hamlin
  • Pearl River
  • Perzina
  • Petrof
  • Pramberger
  • Ravenscroft
  • Ritmuller
  • Ronisch
  • Samick
  • Sauter
  • Schimmel
  • Schulze-Pollmann
  • Seiler
  • Shigeru-Kawai
  • Steingraeber
  • Steinway
  • Story & Clark
  • W. Hoffmann
  • Weber
  • Wilh-Steinberg
  • Wilhelm-Grotrian
  • Wyman
  • Yamaha
  • Young Chang
  • Zimmermann


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